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Because we  been building apps for the last 10 years (and have been doing tech for another decade+ beyond that), we’ve done a lot of different things. The sites below represent some of our favorites.

Some of Our Clients

YOU @ College
Wake Documents
Red Bull
University of Colorado at Boulder

Our Portfolio


August 2011 - present
Consulting, Full-Stack Development & Design

This client originally wanted help moving an internal Access database to the web to make viewing their water reports easier. As business needs morphed from having a simple file sharing system into a multi-sided, data-drive reporting platform (due to the success of our close collaboration with this client), we've continued to consult and advise on ways to improve both the business and the tech that undergirds the business.

At this point, we handle all tech operations and have built a small team to help run this SaaS platform. As Waterfluence was looking to build out deeper UI/UX functionality, we also also introduced Ember to enable major frontend improvements.



July 2018 - March 2019
Ember Staff Augmentation

We were brought in to help this large, enterprise-focused, fintech startup in a high-stress / tight-deadline situation where they needed our assistance in quickly hitting a deadline for a major new client. Jumping in to their complex codebase, we quickly got up to speed and helped get their project out the door on time.

They were quite happy with our work and once the initial engagement was finished, we were asked to stay on to help with additional needs they had.



September - December 2017
Ember Consulting & Training

We met with this client's CTO for a series of consultations as they explored how to migrate their complex Backbone into Ember. In addition to working with their CTO, we also did some team training to help them get up to speed on Ember.


Wake Solutions

September 2012 - September 2016
Consulting & Full-Stack Development

We were brought in to build an HR applicant tracking system platform designed to handle customized, job application processes around the world. Serving as tech lead with a small team of engineers overseas, we built the initial product and then aided in a major product pivot in 2014 (where we began using Ember). However, the business wasn't able to find good product/market fit and the product has since been shut down.


August 2019 - April 2020
Full-Stack Staff Augmentation

This growing cyber-security company needed additional engineering help as they rebuilt one of their core products.

Agari was quite pleased with our work, so as our initial engagement was finishing we were asked to help a second team rewrite a key data processing pipeline, which resulted in dramatically improved processing times.


YOU @ College

November 2017 - present
Consulting, Security & Full-Stack Development

This higher-education startup initially brought us in to help resolve a critical mystery bug in their existing sign-up system. We quickly became a trusted partner and as they've worked with colleges and universities across the US, we've been actively helping them develop their product, scale and improve product and operational security.



November 2016 - May 2017
Ember Staff Augmentation

We were brought in to help this client hit a deadline as they completed a rewrite of their flagship app away from Flash/Flex to a modern Ember frontend. After completing the initial engagement, they asked us to stay on another 6 months to continue helping their team.

We helped build new features, worked with their product team to think through the best way to redesign existing product functionality and encouraged adopting Ember best practices within the development team.


Art of the Trek

April 2017
Ember Consulting

We were brought in to audit this client's application for adherence to Ember best practices and to make recommendations on ways to improve. Although most of the app was in good shape, we made a set of recommendations around some complex data flow issues the team faced and encouraged adopting additional best practices.


And quite a bit more ...

Interested by what you see but still have questions? We’d love talk. We’re also happy to talk about the work we’ve been doing recently or discuss other work that we don’t highlight here.

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Since the fall of 2015 (@acorncom) has been quite involved with helping with guides, documentation and other key pieces of the Ember ecosystem. At EmberConf 2016 he was asked to be a founding member of the Ember Learning Team and has been a regular contributor ever since. As part of his work with the Learning Team, he helps guide and shape decisions both in regarding to training material for the larger Ember community and also provides input to the Ember steering committee about community-wide issues and vision.

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