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We’re a growing, high-quality web consultancy interested in helping businesses develop innovative approaches to markets in both their local market and around the world.

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Growing Team, Global Reach

We (David & Martyn) have lived for over a decade on two continents each, which has stretched and expanded our view of people, relationships and businesses in a number of ways. As a result, we’ve deliberately built our team to be diverse and multi-cultural, as we find the cross-pollination between cultures leads to broader perspectives and better work.

We highly value long-term relationships with both our customers and the people we work with (employees & contractors). That can be seen in the loyalty our clients have to us and in how folks we hire stay with us for long periods of time.

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David Baker

David Baker

Founder & CEO

David got interested in computers as a young boy and quickly knew he'd found his passion. Since graduating with an Information Systems degree (and a certificate in international business), David has consulted with a variety of startups, established companies and educational institutions around the world. Through it all, he continues to enjoy the intersection of people, design, business constraints and technical complexities.

Outside of tech, he can be found engrossed in discussing business, cross-cultural living or enjoying life with his wife and rambunctious young sons.

Martyn Ling

Martyn Ling

Co-Founder & COO

While he started deep in the heart of computers, Martyn has found he greatly enjoys business analysis and project management as well. These days Martyn loves working with stakeholders at all levels to identify their real needs and finding innovative solutions that have significant business benefits.

Martyn is currently based in the United Kingdom and has spent significant time in Africa, mainland Europe and the US. He greatly enjoys spending time with people from all sorts of cultures.

Looking for work?

Looking for work?

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